Sunday, July 6, 2008

April in Lanexa, Virginia

In April good friends as well neighbors of mine in Lanexa, Virginia called about a potential fox den on their property. After several evenings of observing the den site, the fox kits were somewhat acclimated to my presence. I would move closer for better photo opportunities while determining what was their disturbance threshold. They would exit the den site every evening about 6:30 PM. On some occasions they would play right in front of my set-up location. This was a special photo opportunity.


naturglede said...

Lucky you. So beautiful the fox are. I must lock at your link to:))

fireboy said...

i love anim photography, but i can't now :D
which place do that?

anim photography lovely and different , take care :)


Szche said...

Such a cutie :)