Saturday, July 26, 2008

Next Show

FYI, for those that live in the area I will be displaying my work at the Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown, Virginia next Saturday 8/2 with a tent along the walk in the Market Days at the River event.


Tommy V said...

That's great I wish I could come by and see it. good luck. Let me know if you are ever in Colorado love to see more of your photos

kjpweb said...

Fancy shows are we doing now? Cool!
Next I know I have to call your Sir! :) How did it go?
Cheers, Klaus

Tommy V said...

Ken, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yea I am planning on going up for rut in RNP this fall. Unless my job gets in the way (big changes happening). Let me know when you are coming out I would love to see how a real photographer works and maybe learn a few things. You can contact me at