Sunday, August 31, 2008

Colonial Parkway

The light was good Saturday afternoon. So, along with my camera gear lackey (alias Carole Conger), headed back to the Colonial Parkway in the Williamsburg/Yorktown, VA area to see what wildlife we could photograph. Besides the deer, did capture a few images of a turkey and mute swans which I will post either tonight or tomorrow. The first posted image was one of my favorites because of the depth of field effect. Was hoping that as the fawn was walking across the field that he would eventually position himself directly in front of the buck that was browsing along the edge of the tree line. The old guy overlooking the young guy was the outcome I was hoping to accomplish. The second image of a buck in velvet was one of 4 in a bachelor herd. The bucks, habituated by tourists, although allowing a close approach were constantly alert to my presence as you can see from his posture (right leg stomping the ground) and gaze. As you can see the image was shot in low light (1/100th; 3.2; 560mm). These bucks, like the one posted two weeks ago, are starting to loose their velvet on the tip of their antlers.


Bradley Myers said...

Great photos Ken, I am looking forward to more.

Stacey Huston said...

Love the out of focus buck behind the fawn.. wonderful images.. and I be Carole didn't know she was a camera Lacky(wink)lol thanks for sharing