Thursday, September 11, 2008

Colorado Bound

Leave for Colorado in a few hours. Plans are to visit my son who recently moved to Denver and do some photography in the Rockies. So, will not be posting for a bit. Before I left, wanted to leave an image for viewing. Above is a head shot of a this years born Mute Swan that I captured over the weekend off the Colonial Parkway. As you can see he was side lighted so had to add some flash. Flash compensation was -2 so as not to blow him out, but enough to define the highlights in the feathers. Blue Skies.


Tommy V said...

good luck on your adventure in Colorado. I hope the elk are out in full force.

Framed and Shot said...

Have a great vacation!
Looking forward to lots of new fabulous shots!

Adrian_O said...

Herd of 50+ Elk in RMNP 3 weeks ago. Good shootin'!