Sunday, September 21, 2008

RMNP Moose

As promised tonight's feature photos are some different moose that were photographed in Rocky Mountain National Park during the week. The top and second image are of a young bull that exited the woods towards my location. Somewhat habituated to park visitors he allowed a fairly close approach. He was near the road and several visitors and I enjoyed his presence. I liked the eye contact in the top image just prior to him moving into the thicker willows. The third cow and bottom bull photos were taken in and around a beaver pond. Although the light was strong and made for contrasty images, being able to photograph both these moose was special.

If all goes well, tomorrow night's feature will be RMNP birds.


Adrian_O said...

Ken - where about in RMNP did you find Moose?

Anonymous said...

Ken: Found your blog, nice mooses images,


Ken Conger Photography said...

Moose are only in the first 10 miles of the SW portion of the park. The most reliable clan were between the beaver pond picnic pull off and the next pull off north. Good luck and blue skies if you go.

Tommy v said...

Ken, Looks like you saw the same moose I did... LOL. I will post my moose next week. Great picture. Love the close ups.

Klaus said...

I so wish to see those buggers life myself - and since I don't see that happening in FL - I'm glad I got you!
Cheers, Klaus

animtreebird said...

Very beautiful moose. Nice series of photos. :)))