Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RMNP Elk Battles

Tonight's feature images are battling bull elk. After scouting Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days, the bull's activity was somewhat predictable and they were easy to locate with consistent bugling due to the rut. The top image is of two bulls that were battling in a field as the sun rose. The enhanced the mountain background with the sun just rising gave the image some punch. The second photo is probably my favorite of the trip. I was trying to think of a title and was leaning toward "No victory unless you battle." Let me know if you have a better suggestion. Just seeing the fight in close proximity was special but the when the dominant guy stood in the background to observe within the same frame was exciting. The third image was fun because the clash was somewhat close and the eye contact was interesting in the photo. The bottom image reminded me of a lunch room brawl. Guys fighting while others stood around watching. Not well composed but still neat to see 4 bulls in one photo.

Tomorrow night will RMNP landscapes. Blue Skies.


T and S said...

This is an awesome series, the first image is class.

BTW thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

Klaus said...

That's something else! Love the 2nd picture! It has a feel like the old painting masters!
Great stuff!
Cheers, Klaus

Tommy V said...

wonderful picture. This is one thing I did not see the elk fighting.

fishing guy said...

Ken: What a gret capture of the Elk battle. You do a wonderful job with wildlife.

Thanks for the visit. That was the first Snow goose I've seen.

Bradley Myers said...

Great capture Ken. It is a very exciting thing to watch, I had the luck of seeing it three times during the rut this year. I amy enjoy the posturing and lead in as much as the fight. Thanks for stopping by hile I was gone. With about 4,500 shutter releases while away I should be able to post many more wildlife shots in the future.