Saturday, November 8, 2008


Another wet weekend so sorry have to resort to cached images again. Some of my weekends have also been tied up with an EMT class. I am about half way through which involves time commitment to weekday nights and some Saturdays. I retire on December 1st and since I am not involved with Boy Scouts as much thought that I would devote some of my free time to the community as a volunteer on both the rescue squad and as a fireman. My mentor blogger Brad displays the enthusiasm and dedication to the job that we all desire in our public servants. I hope I can serve as well.

The above image was taken on the west side of RMNP of a juvenile elk. He was browsing away and a slow approach allowed for a mouthful and an eye contact photo.

Blue Skies.


fishing guy said...

Ken: Never a reason for not showing a neat image.
BTW: Being on the team and visiting 200 places accounts for the traffic on SWF.

Salty said...

Very nice photograph Ken. You work is always stunning!

Willard & I visited Big Meadows this morning. Buck activity was heavy at daybreak but dropped off quickly after good photographic light.

kjpweb said...

Great idea! Hope seeing you around in Dec.! Cheers, Klaus

T and S said...

Ken : This is beautifully composed.

It gives us great pleasure in passing on the "Premio Dardos" award to you. Pl. check out our latest post for more details...Thomas

Twisted Fencepost said...

Great picture, Ken.
As long as you have that desire in your heart, you will have your desired effect!

Bradley Myers said...

Ken, I am not sure what to say. I am a bit flattered with your post. I must say if there is any mentoring going around on the photography side, then you are the mentor.

I wish you luck in your EMT class, be aware jumping into the volunteer service it can consume all your free time and your life. I for one am very proud of my volunteer back ground and get more enjoyment out of helping the public for free then for a check. Have you ever seen my fire service history blog?

You also mentioned Boy Scouts, I am a proud Eagle Scout, I won't say the Presidents name that signed my card since it will really date me. My son is very active in scouts now and I pray he will become an Eagle also.

Time for work, I did catch some Pa rut on Sunday morning and will post them soon.

By the way, great photo as always.