Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Denali - Waterfowl

During the shoulder season here in Denali, a number of waterfowl species can be found in the small ponds just off the park road. For weeks I did not see a single duck and then, one day, almost every pond had some type of waterfowl in them. The Horned Grebe in the top photo is one of my favorite waterfowl captures thus far, due to the nice evening lighting on the water.

The upper image is of a pair of Barrow's Goldeneyes. The moon shape white patch in front of the eye on the male identifies the Barrow's from the Common Goldeneye. In the second image the male was snapping his head back and forth to eat some pond vegetation more efficiently. The water droplets made an interesting reflection on the water around him.

This photo is of a male Pintail. Very stoic looking duck. Fortunate that the wind had laid down enough to capture his reflection in the water.

Things are starting to look more spring like in Denali. Most of the park below 4,000 feet has greened up. Allot of wildflowers are out. Little snow remains except in the higher elevations. Amazing how quickly things change here.

Blue Skies,


Ivar Ivrig said...

Sorry for not visiting you for a while. I have now scrolled down to catch up, and you are one lucky men to be a part of this wonderful wildlife and scenery. I am in envy :-)

Keep up the good work.

Tim Rucci said...

Really gorgeous shots, Ken. I think these are some of your best yet. Sweet use of light and reflections, and beautiful birds to boot.
Thanks for providing eyes into the park for the rest of us.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Great shots as always Ken. I can see where the pintail gets its name. Those water droplets do make a lovely reflection.

I bet it is loking fantastic there with all the greenery.

Someone brought me two sick owls which I am looking after and will be posting later today.

Rajesh said...

As usual fantastic snaps. Loved the reflection of birds in the water.

Jose's World said...

Nice images as always. Went out to look at the ospreys in Smithfield today, both nests have 3 youngsters. Last year one had 2 and the other produced 0.

T and S said...

Awesome red eyes and what clarity Ken. Lovely.

And those Merlin shots in the previous post are just stunning. You are so so very lucky, I envy your job at Denali...Grrr...Just joking

fishing guy said...

Ken: I loved your odd ducks and that pintail is an excellant capture my friend.

Dominic Gendron said...

Those are all great images! I am discovering your blog and your art and like it a lot! Ill be following you from now on ;)!

Matt Latham said...

Fabulous images Ken - i love grebes in summer plumage - superb birds.

Andor Marton said...

The first picture with the horned grebe ist awesome, the colors are very beautiful. I like also the last one, the reflection is very sharp.