Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nome, Alaska - Avian Species

The birding in Nome, Alaska was exceptional. We saw many species not viewable in the lower 48. Sorry for the belated post but hiking for internet access has been challenging for blogging.

Finding these Red-throated Loons was special. As you can see the evening light really helped to provide stunning images.

The above Bar-tailed Godwit was on our list of species to see. They fly all the way from New Zealand to Nome to nest. They fly over 18,000 miles in one year.

I've seen Long-tailed Jaegers in Denali from a distance. Never did I expect to see them so close and have the ability to photograph them on the tundra in Nome.

These Red-necked Phalaropes were fun little birds to watch and photograph.

The above Black-bellied Plover revealed herself when a Muskox walked close to the nest site.

Really liked how the wing position turned out with this Hoary Redpoll.

Spent the last two days out on the park road photographing. Had some exceptional bear and wolf photo opportunities which I hope to post soon.

Blue Skies.


Philip said...

Well at least you got a post out Great shot and something I have never seen before such beautiful colours Ken :)

Elaine said...

Beautiful series of shots! I really like the last shot of the Redpoll. I'm looking forward to your wolf and bear shots.

JRandSue said...

Lovely images,fab photography.

Jose's World said...

The loon shot are spectacular, particularly the one beating the wings. And the jaegar...first time I see this bird. No puffins...yet!!!

Qiper said...

I remember loons from Minn - always liked them. Never saw one like this though - great shots