Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Denali - Grizzly Bears

As I mentioned in the last post, in addition to the wolf activity, we also had some bear opportunities as well. A sow with two yearling cubs that were close to the road, that were readily photographical from a vehicle without disturbance was special. Interesting that the yearling pictured above had a blond coloration and the sibling below was more chocolate colored. The visible flowers in the one image were a nice touch.

Funny the way the below image turned out, appearing that the bear was waving to the visitors on the park road.

The sow below certainly provided for a full frame shot when she approached the road to grass. As the tundra season transitions, the bears will changeover to the ripening berry patches for their dietary needs.

This evening I am still drying out clothes/equipment from two days at the Denali State Park to photograph loons with chicks. Unfortunately, the two days of rain and the loon proximity (always far away) to shore prohibited any photo opportunities.

Blue Skies.


Philip said...

The paw is a very cute touch Ken stunning photos all of them :)

Montanagirl said...

Great photo!

Elaine said...

Beautiful series of shots! What a great opportunity for you and I imagine you were glad you could get these shots from the road. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be that close to mama bear without the protection of a vehicle.

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in the honour of wall the Photographers, I published an ilustration.

Juan C. Aguero said...


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