Saturday, November 27, 2010

Florida - Avian

Back home after spending most of November with family in Florida. Only had time for some limited photography. Burrowing Owls are always fun to photograph. The second image below was fun playing in Photoshop with a program called Fractilus.

Located this Osprey with a recently caught mullet in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Also in MI, discovered this Clapper Rail surveying the shore and a perched Red-shouldered hawk.

In Viera Wetlands, was fortunate to find this cooperative Loggerhead Shrike.

Blue Skies & stunning sunsets


Montanagirl said...

Beautiful Owl shot! Very striking.

Elaine said...

Beautiful series of shots. I really like the last photo of the sunset.

Jose's World said...

Fractilius looks like great fun! Loogerhead shrike; used to see here in Tidewater a lot but not recently.

cdt said...

Hi Ken, I just saw some amazing photos of the northern lights after being run through Fractalius. Might want to give it a try on the images you captured this last season in Denali!

jeannette said...

Love the sharpness of the feathers of this owl! I've heard it say that people will start referring more and more to an owl when they talk about having "a sharp eye" (instead of referring to an eagle).

Tim Rucci said...

You got some really nice shots in your abbreviated wildlife stops in Florida. I especially like that clapper rail with its sweet reflection.

It was nice being able to hook up with you for the day in Merritt Island.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Carole.