Thursday, April 7, 2011

Virginia Ospreys

Been having fun the last few days photographing the Ospreys (Fish Hawks) at some local Virginia hot spots. With the above image and the one below, it is so exciting when you have been waiting all morning for a potential Osprey to arrive at a traditional fishing hole and then he catches a fish right in front of you. Having all the settings right before the dive is crucial. I have found that 1/2000th is necessary for sharp shots, which can be a challenge depending on available light.

Captured the below two images as an Osprey was landing into a newly built nest.

Have watched on numerous occasions some Eagle/Osprey confrontations. The Eagles lay in wait within the trees for an Osprey to catch a fish. When the Osprey catches one, the Eagle flies out and continues to harass the Osprey until he drops the fish. Awesome to witness these aerial pursuits but difficult to capture with a camera.

Blue Skies.


Coy said...

Incredible shot Ken! Takes a good spot and a lot of patience to get images like this! Enjoyed your African photos also, as always great work!

Stephani said...

More amazing shots. Hard to pick a favorite!

Elaine said...

You did have a good day! Beautiful shots!

Willard said...

You captured the action perfectly.