Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kenya (2/12)

Lead a group of 8 photographers to Kenya a few weeks ago. Things could not have gone better. Everyone came away with some stunning images. Of course, the cats species are always great to photograph, especially your first time photographing them. We were incredibly fortunate we were able to see a Cheetah on a log (top) and with a kill (middle below). The Holy Grail is seeing and photographing a Leopard. And, lo and behold, on the last day of the safari, on the last game drive, we saw our first Leopard (bottom).

We saw plenty of Baboons and Monkeys. Below are two of my favs. The second image is of a Sykes Monkey with newborn.

We saw all three species of Giraffes. Below are two of my favs. Named the first one "Nasal Wipe".

Funny, this photograph of a Southern Ground-Hornbill carrying food for nestlings, was one my overall favorites. When working the shot up on the computer and closely examining the cache of food in the mouth, I count 6 frogs, 2 grasshoppers and a lizard.

The Mark IV really proved itself a worthwhile purchase for allot reasons on this trip. On top, you see a photo of a Waterbuck, as the moon was rising between his horns at a waterhole. The image was captured at 3200 ISO! Yes, the image had noise, but considering the circumstances, amazing results with the existing light. Nice group of Waterbucks below the night shot.

Good times when the critters pose during sunrise and sunset. Happy with the way the the Giraffe and Wildebeest silhouettes turned out.

Tons of keepers from this trip and challenging deciding what to post. If you want to see more images drop by my web site if inclined. Doing photo tours in 2013 to Kenya and Tanzania. If you have any interest in traveling with us, information is available on the Nav Bar on the web site.

Blue Skies.


Elaine said...

Fabulous!! My favs are the three giraffe shots.

Peggy said...

Absolutely stunning shots Ken! My fav was the 3 giraffes but only slightly...The whole cache was a dream! Amazing work Ken! Bravo!

Noushka said...

Impressive fellow!
What beautiful portraits!!
Makes miss my 16 years in Africa even more!
Great stuff!

Noushka said...

I have to add I have gone through some of your pictures, I am truly impressed!

Kim Bartulewicz said...

I belong to the Richmond camera Club and Ken gave us a fabulous presentation of his trips and photography, last night. The energy and excitement that he displayed about his work has inspired me to seek that enjoyment from my pictures like he does with his