Friday, July 27, 2012

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska (7/12)

Lead a group of photographers to remote Lake Clark National Park, Alaska last week. Lake Clark is America's least visited park. Things could not have gone better with weather and bear photography. We had numerous sessions with bears, often at a very close proximity.The above bear image was one of my favorites from the trip. The bear's pose reminds me of one of those old time large nude women on a couch impressionists paintings.
The bears are primarily eating razor clams and grass this time of the year. In the above image you can see how expertly they can remove the clam with their claw from the shell. During the low tides, you can get some nice reflections from the clamming bears, as seen below.
The below bear enjoyed a sushi skate that we watch him retrieve from the water.
One morning the bear below came running right down the beach towards us and kept going.
We had several sessions with two, 3 year old cubs. The image below is of one of them standing up in some Lupine.
One day we also took a boat trip to one of the close islands. It was a rookery for both the puffins and kittiwakes. Below is an image of a flying horned puffin.
Lots more keepers over on the web site. Also, some interesting videos of the bears. I am leading another group in 2013. The tour is already full. If you have any interest in joining us in 2014, send along an email. Blue skies and great histograms.


Jose's World said...

That place looks familiar. Was I there with you; can't remember.

Elaine said...

Fantastic images!! I love the third shot with the reflection. I hope you were using a very long lens--these look much closer than I would want to get to bears!

Technician 101 said...
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