Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Southwest Florida (9/12)

Made a quick trip down to visit family in the Naples area of Florida a couple of weeks ago. I was able to sneak out for two mornings and evenings to photograph. On one evening, I was very fortunate to meet up with fellow blogger and avian photographer extraordinaire, Bob Pelkey. Bob was kind, teaching me all about one of his favorite locations, Bunche Beach Preserve. We enjoyed walking out into the water, shooting back towards the shoreline, a comfortable distance from the birds. Locating and being able to photograph the above Reddish Egret was special. What was even more special was finding the Reddish Egret morph, in the flying image below.
In addition to the Reddish Egrets, being able to photograph the Roseate Spoonbills at close proximity and in good light was a bonus as well. If you look closely at the second image below, you can see a shrimp in between the bill.
Not one of my favorite species to photograph is the White Ibis. They are a common species in Florida. Posted these because I liked the unique flying positions.
Black Skimmers are always fun and challenging to photograph. As you can see, in the top image below, I was able to get very close as he came in skimming for a meal.
The below Blue Heron flew really close while I down low photographing a Godwit.
The family went over and had dinner on Sanibel Island one evening. We stopped at a few beach locations. I was able to capture these birds (Reddish & Snowy Egret) feeding on bait fish.
Two evening sunset silhouettes to finish off the post. The top is a of a Blue Heron with the Sanibel Bridge in the background and the second, a White Ibis.
More trip images, if interested, over on my web site. Blue Skies.


Bob Pelkey said...

Your images are very well representative of the rewarding observations that that can be made in the area, Ken. I never consider a species too well photographed.

Elaine said...

Lovely series! You managed to capture a varied selection of birds.