Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Mexico (12/12)

I had hoped to post trip photos before now, my apologies. Made my winter annual trek to New Mexico, to the Bosque Del Apache NWR, with friends. It is as much a social thing as a photo trip. The photo opportunities were great this year from both a lighting and opportunity aspect. On the above image, the sunset light on the reeds as snow geese were coming in was perfect. No juicing the yellows here, this is just the way it looked. The below sandhill and geese photos are typical of what you can photograph at the crane pools and observation deck lake this year.
I was certainly pleased with these flight shots of the pintails at one of the pools along the refuge loop.
The waterfowl opportunities in town were the best yet. Knowing where to go and spending the time, resulted in some special wood duck images. How about the second photo of the hen grooming the male and his "Ah shucks" look.
Here are some other favorites from the trip (American Widgeon-1&2, Ringed-neck-3 & Hooded Merganser-4)
Blue skies and great histograms.


Bob Pelkey said...

Spectacular work, Ken.

kevin ross said...

These may the snap surely clicked by digital SLR camera. The blog contains many magnificent photos of these birds and swans. The photos must be clicked by keeping patience. The last photograph is really nice and beautiful.

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Willard said...

Stunning images as always!

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed the splendor of New Mexico for years living here. These are capture the light that is magical and majestic. Deb Evans

Itinfo World said...

Wow awesome snaps. i love this picture.