Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kenya (3/13)

Lead a group of photographers to Kenya this month.  I could not have traveled with a better group of people.  Our photo opportunities were special.  As you can see with the above and below images, the lion circumstances were amazing. 

Great surprise when I was photographing this Cape Buffalo and a group of Red-billed Oxpeckers arrived and began to quarrel on the guys' head.  
When photographing this pair of Zebras, like the Oxpeckers, they also had a confrontation.  Lucky to capture the instant when one jumped in the air to bite at the other. 
Sometimes the first morning light in the Mara, during the dry season with the dust, can create some unique images shooting into the light.  In this photo you see a running Wildebeest calf. 
Some of the best Elephant photo situations we had were in Amboseli National Park.  Below are two sunset images.  The light rays provided a nice look to the photos.  In the second one, it appears as if the Elephant is bowing down to pay homage to Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background.

Two of my favorite bird images from the trip.  What you see are an African Fish Eagle and a Grey-headed Kingfisher.

Funny expression from this baby Vervet Monkey.
On our last night of the tour, we saw this storm headed in our direction.  The locals refer to it as "black rain".  
Lots more images over on the web site if you are interested.  Blue Skies.

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Judy Royal Glenn said...

Great photos:) Love the capture of the monkey!