Thursday, October 24, 2013

India (4/13)

One of the animals on my bucket list was to see and hopefully photograph was a wild tiger.  After some extensive research, determined that India was the place to go and Bandhavgarh National Park was one of the best locations.  We spent over a week photographing in Bandhavgarh and things could not have gone better.  The above image of a tigress was my favorite of the trip and captured on our first evening!
One early morning, we discovered this tiger sleeping in the road.  We waited and when she decided to get up, she looked over in our direction and I was able to get a nice eye contact shot.

This fellow decided to relax along a pond shore. 
Every afternoon safari we checked on this waterhole for activity.  A bonus, when this tiger came in for a drink and bath on our last day! 
Wild peacocks were seen every day.  This male was displaying for a female.
We saw spotted deer every day as well. Enjoyed capturing these two males sparring.

Gray Langur Monkeys were common in the park.  This photograph of a mother and her young turned out nice when they were watching us intently. 

As you can see it was quite a special trip.  If inclined additional images my be see on my website.  I'll be leading a photo tour to Bandhavgarh next year.  Blue Skies.

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