Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kenya, Africa - Cats

Had a great first trip to Kenya. One of the most productive trips ever. Exciting, so much new dynamic wildlife species to observe and photograph. Here is a few of the cats.

Our safari guide had a good idea where this leopard could be located. Viewing this cat so close was special. The male pictured was later joined by a female. We were also able to watch some leopard pre-mating behavior.

We were able to watch this pride of lions on several occasions. There were 11 cubs in the group. The male image below is the dominant of three within the pride.

The Cheetahs were my favorite cat to watch. We saw 11 different cheetahs and saw several on a hunt. Often they were so close to our Landcruiser you could hear them purr.

More species to follow in the next few days.
Blue Skies.


Tim Rucci said...

Simply amazing stuff, Ken! I've been waiting the last couple weeks to see the images you would come back with, and you did not disappoint. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

Jose's World said...

You were lucky to get all those premiere images of cats in your first trip. I had been to East Africa once or twice in a row and never seen one. Great captures.

Elaine said...

All fantastic shots! Looks like you had a trip to remember.

JRandSue said...

Just Amazing,superb photography.

Andor Marton said...

That's amazing stuff, Ken! The resting leopard and the lion cub are really sweet.
I was last year in South Africa and Botswana, but I've seen cats only 5 times in 3 weeks. I'm interested right now in Kenya and Tanzania and I have a question - did you drive in Kenya off road or only on road?