Monday, March 21, 2011

Kenya, Africa - Misc Species

As mentioned, photographing in Kenya was so exciting. I was floored with the diversity of species within the Masai Mara and just how habituated they were to safari vehicles. Included are some of the additional species photographed during the trip, besides the cats in the prior post. The featured image was one of my favorite Giraffe shots. The mountain in the background is Mount Kenya, the tallest mountain in the country. My goal was to frame the Giraffe's head with the similar profile of the mountain.

We were fortunate to see both White and Black Rhinos. Below is a White Rhinoceros.

Forest Elephant taking a drink in pouring down rain.

Water Buffalo with new born.

Zebra with new born.

New born Waterbuck with Oxpecker on back.

Group of hippos with new born looking on.

Relaxing Hyena.


Colobus Monkey.

Olive Baboon.

New born Vervet Monkey.

Next post will include some of the avian species captured during the trip. If you want to see some additional species you can check my web site.
Blue Skies.


Elaine said...

Incredible! The giraffe photo is supurb, and every one of your shots are gorgeous. What a wonderful adventure you had!

Juan C. Aguero said...

Ken thanks for visiting the Blog.
Excellent photos of to African fauna.
Cordial greetings.

Willard said...

Awesome images as always, Ken. I am glad to see you back posting.

Ron Niebrugge said...

Ken, those are awesome! What a great trip!

Stephani said...

Ken, Your photos are amazing. I came across your gallery on Smug Mug and got a lump in my throat when I saw the eagles. Amazing. I love nature and wildlife photography, but am new to photography in general getting a new DSLR last June. I am improving, but have sooo much to learn. I imagine I can learn a lot by visitng here. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Stephani said...

P.S. I don't see the gadget on your blog that allows people to follow your blog. Have you thought about adding it?

Jose's World said...

With those images, there is no need to go back.