Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pantanal, Brazil (8/11)

Apologize for being a negligent blogger. The last few months have certainly been dynamic. One reason, was an August trip to the Pantanal, Brazil. Our primary goal was to see and possibly photograph the elusive Jaguar. As you can see, things went really well. The Jaguars were usually seen in the evenings along the river shores.
Really awesome when this guy came down directly across from our boat to take a drink.
One of our most exciting evening viewings was when the below Jaguar went into a nest to pursue young Limpkins. This compelling image, "Last Seconds of Life" was captured just prior to devouring one of two birds.
Just when we thought things could not get any better, we watched as two sibling Jaguars spar one evening.
Same two resting after their fun.
Jaguars primary prey upon the Cabybaras. Here is a mother and young frolicking in the water.
The Giant Otters were so much fun to watch. They were efficient predators and often caught fish right in front of us.
I enjoyed photographing the Kingfishers as much as the Jaguars. We were able to capture all 5 species of Kingfishers during our trip. Below is a Ringed Kingfisher with a recently caught fish
This Amazon Kingfisher played with his fish for quite some time. Interesting position of the fish in this image.
Below is a another Amazon Kingfisher in stunning afternoon light.
This final post image was taken on our last night. I asked our guide to take us to one of the wading pools filled with Caimans. After almost an hour of experimentation, ended up with something I had envisioned. Wanted to show viewers how the Caiman's eyes reflect red with the night sky above.
Lots more images of unique birds and mammals on my web site. I will be leading a photo tour to this location next August. Currently working on details with the outfitter. Already have some folks locked in and only have a few more slots available. If you have any potential interest in joining us, send along and email: Skies.


Pat Ulrich said...

Awesome shots, Ken! How amazing to see a wild jaguar, and even more so to observe the behavior that you did. Really great set of images from your trip!

hoobamac said...

Ken, great shots, I would really like to use the amazon kingfisher on one of our sites, would you be able to contact me on - I would be happy to pay a fee and give you full credits and link back...

thanks again..

Rog (UK)

chicken coop said...
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