Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colorado (10/11)

Recently spent a week in Colorado visiting my son and photographing in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and National Park. Photo goals were to capture some fall Deer and Elk bucks/bulls.The Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR was challenging from a photographic perspective. The unusually warm weather may have played a factor. Locating and capturing quality buck images took numerous trips. Once the territories were identified, the quality of the head gear on some of the Mule Deer was amazing. An example of the number of large racked bucks can be seen below.
Below are some images of Mule Deer bucks within the Arsenal. Both are morning shots.
One interesting situation is that both species of Deer, Mule and White-tailed, are within the NWR. I posted the below image of a White-tailed due to the great way the light beam concentrated on his face through the trees.
Another fun species to photograph at the Arsenal were the Prairie Dogs. Working the town for several hours produced this neat image of the three guys all lined up.
When approaching a Prairie Dog town, observed this Coyote running away with an unfortunate Prairie Dog.
Also, spent a few days at Rocky Mountain National Park. Always a pleasurable experience with a fall visit, especially when the Aspens are turning and the Elk bugling. Was fortunate to locate several bulls bugling one morning in a field near Moraine Park. This bull, in stunning morning light, was certainly trying his best to attract a cow with his call.
You can see the frost on this bull as the sun was approaching the field.
Too funny, capturing the right moment, when this guy stuck his tongue out at the cow.
Good times seeing my son and the Colorado critters. Blue Skies.


Pat Ulrich said...

Awesome shots, Ken! That buck in the first shot has an incredible rack, and I like the herd of bucks together.

HANNIBAL said...

These are some really fantastic shots Ken! Loved the Prairie Dogs the best!

Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania. I'm just stopping at Radom blogs and checking them out, and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and New years. Richard from Amish Stories.