Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sri Lanka (4/13)

After being fortunate enough to photograph the African Leopard, I traveled to Sri Lanka in hopes of photographing the Asian or Sri Lankan Leopard.  We visited Yala National Park, known to have the densest population of leopards in Asia.  We spent a week and did not have a sighting in the first 5 days.  At last, the last two days of the trip we finally had some opportunities.  The leopards were scarce and always in thick brush, so the above and below images were some of the very few I was able to photograph.
This below image was captured at a very high ISO (6400) well after sunset.  The leopard went into the brush and turned to give us a look before going deeper.
Funny, every time the water buffalo below would go underwater and came back up, he had some visitors.  Flies would land on the head as it arose from the water and then the frogs would next jump on to gorge on them.
We saw a number of interesting birds during our safaris.  Below you see some of my favorite images, a Crested Serpent Eagle, Crested Hawk Eagle, Brown Fish Owl bathing and a Common Kingfisher.
Another special place to experience and photograph.  If inclined to look, some additional trip images are available on my website.  Blue Skies. 

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